Island Snowbirds


We provide professional services for residential and commercial areas

Exterior & Interior Window Cleaning:

For exterior window cleaning we use eco-friendly products with a telescopic water-fed pole that can reach areas over 60 feet high. We use a process called “Pure Water Window Cleaning” to achieve the best results.

The interior window cleaning is done by hand with a squeegee, we also use a carbon fiber and filtered water. We’ll wipe down interior window frames and screens.

Gutter Cleaning:

We specialize in gutter cleaning. We provide gutter cleaning services to your house or your commercial property. We clean the inside and outside of the gutter with a simple and effective process. A clogged gutter can damage your roof, walls and basement. Have them clean regularly. We can help!

Pressure Washing:

We use an effective pressure washing process on concrete surfaces such as parking lot, driveways, patios and vinyl decks. Please give us a call.

Moss Removal:

We provide moss removal services. Moss growth can reduce the life of your roof by 50%. Do not let that happen to your roof. We can help. We use a plant based agent to eliminate the moss from your roof to achieve best results.

Siding Cleaning:

Vinyl siding is very common today mainly for their durability and low price. Dirt and mildew can collect on siding. We clean them manually for best results. We have the expertise to help.

Dryer Vents Cleaning:

We also specialize in dryer vents cleaning. When was the last time that your dryer vent was cleaned? Bacteria and contaminants build up inside and while removing it we ensure that your home is protected by preventing it from being released into the air.

Yard Work:

We also provide professional yard work. Please let us help you with your yard. We clean and dispose of debris while you can relax.